Federation Of Snail Farmers, Processors & Marketers

Wealth & Job Creation For The People

Latest Events

National President (FESMAN) and Minister of Science & Technology in meeting for development of Snail value chain in Nigeria.

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Fesman Executives during a regional Outing.....

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  •  The Primary aim of the Association is to create Jobs, raw materials, empowerment, Rural Development, Train and Retrain member, to produce quality snails that can be acceptable in international Markets and to contribute immensely to the GDP.


Our publications such as books, articles, magazines, and newsletters can be accessed, via this online repository.

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  • To create over fifty three thousand direct jobs in the first one year of its establishment and triples annually.
  • To create other empowerment opportunities through the Project.local snails that will be of international quality and acceptable in international Markets all round the world.
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  • .The Association is an agro-food allied based that will promote the production, processing,and exporting/marketing and promoting quality snails, empowering its members through wealth , by way of training for each members according to ranks and contributions to the Association.
  • To create jobs and rural development massively.
  • To embark on serious food security in Nigeria and beyond. Etc.


  •  To be among the among best producers, Processors , promoters and highest export of snail and its alied products acceptable to the local and international markets.

Core Values

  • Faith in God,
  •   Excellence in Teaching and Research,
  • Institutional Autonomy,
  • Academic Freedom,
  • Peer and Professional Review,
  • Qualitative Service Delivery,
  • Strong Work Ethics,
  • Equal Opportunity,
  • Creativity and Innovation,
  • Integrity,
  • Transparency and Accountability,
  • Peace and Orderliness.

Rural & Urban Report

Our Spread

Fesman have spread in all the thirty six (36) States of the Federation (20 members) which amount to 740 members in a State including Abuja, and thirty six thousand (36, 000) Fesman agents nationwide.Click here for more Info

Registration of Fesman Agents starts in Feb 2019.

After registration, please check your email for further information.

Thank you.

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